Make personal safety a priority — Kofi Quantson

A former National Security capo, Mr Kofi Bentum Quantson, has challenged Ghanaians to be bold in exposing rogue elements in their communities and within the security agencies.

He explained that the actions and inaction of crooked elements jeopardised public safety, security and well-being.

Speaking in an interview on a wide range of safety and security issues, Mr Quantson, who also served as the founder and the Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board, said not too many people had the sense of safety and security.

“Many are just ignorant of the possible threats to their way of life.

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Many suffer from ‘security illiteracy’.

They just do not care until the consequences of their security lapses hit them in the face.

“Regrettably, others also think it is the ‘security people’ who should protect them.

They do not realise that they are a component part of the security system. They forget that they are either part of the problem or part of the solution,” he said.

Security consciousness

Mr Quantson said it was imperative that security awareness was instilled from the home, school, workplace and church, among other social settings. He said “that way security consciousness becomes a way of life’’.

“Which also means that security consciousness should be entrenched in the agenda of national security,” he said.

He explained that since security operatives could not be everywhere all the time whereas there were people everywhere, it was pertinent that people took interest in their own security and partnered the security system effectively.

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“There are at least two things people can do – firstly; to provide intelligence regarding security issues in their communities.

Intelligence is the fuel for modern law and security enforcement.

When the people are security conscious, it influences their capacity to enhance their security.

“Secondly, people have to make exposure of rogue elements in the security system a way of life, since the actions and inaction of such dishonest characters jeopardise the people’s safety and well-being,” he added.

Human security

Mr Quantson said a good government and good governance, rule of law and due process, political tolerance, an active and enlightened citizenry aware of its rights and responsibilities and determined to guard them fiercely were critical to guaranteeing human security.

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He said ensuring both national and personal security was essential for the survival, safety, well-being and contentment of the people at the micro and macro levels.

“In a world in which people worship wealth and materialism, it is vitally important for people to become aware that their security can be threatened by unethical and materialistic events.

In acknowledging this fact, there is the need also to appreciate that the security apparatus of the state at any particular time can only do so much as it can contain,” he added. – Graphic Online.

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